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Keep An Eye on Erosion
A well-built home needs more than an architect’s blueprint to maintain integrity and ensure durability. It also requires a solid foundation – literally – to avoid problems that can stem from the bottom up. Despite a builder’s best intentions, however, any home...Posted On: 05/28/2008
From Mess to Finesse
When I visit a home for sale with an awkward living room, I sometimes wonder: "What was the architect thinking?" A corner fireplace, a long, shoe-boxed-shaped space or high ceilings (we're talking elevator shaft here) may look great on paper, but try arranging furniture in family or living...Posted On: 05/07/2008
The Looming Boom
What do baby boomers want? That’s what housing experts -- developers, builders, architects, real-estate practitioners and forecasters -- all are trying to determine as this niche grows. But they’re not getting a uniform response. Unlike many of their parents, who headed to...Posted On: 04/30/2008
Crunch Time
For a lot of Americans who haven't been paying attention to all the news of the ongoing mortgage crisis, their first real clue of the insidious nature of the market's collapse may be when they try to secure a loan. Good luck with that. Many are finding that despite having clean...Posted On: 04/23/2008
Recession and the reality of real estate
As one would expect over a problem that's already sent nearly 2 million American homeowners into foreclosure and threatens to drag the economy into recession, the federal government is beside itself trying to bring the ongoing mortgage crisis under control. That's proving a...Posted On: 04/09/2008
Time to Make a List and Plan Your Work
I have worked with dozens of clients who waited until the last minute to get their homes ready for sale. Because they didn’t allot enough time to get things done, they ended up showing their homes with smudged walls, dirty carpets, tired furnishings and uncleared clutter. Procrastination...Posted On: 04/02/2008
Fighting Back
By now, Americans weary of the nation’s real estate woes can practically predict the headlines before even opening the newspaper: The housing market continues to struggle, and forecasts call for continued cloudiness at least through the next several months. But instead of waiting for...Posted On: 03/26/2008
Setting the Stage
Yikes! You have a month to prepare your home for sale, a limited budget and very little free time. How do you invest your time, effort and money to “stage” your home so that it will sell quickly at the best possible price? Follow this recipe to reap the best return on your...Posted On: 03/19/2008
Recycle the Old, Type in the New
Every week, the public hears about new products, such as electronic mortgage applications, that make it easier for consumers to handle the process without a paper trail. But despite their promises and the growing appeal of using advanced technology, the industry still is moving slowly toward...Posted On: 03/12/2008
‘We Need to Start Selling by Week’s End’
During the hot real estate market a few years ago, scads of homeowners rushed to sell so they could cash in on their skyrocketing equity. I often received calls from frantic agents needing immediate help. A common voicemail went something like this: “My client decided last night to sell...Posted On: 03/04/2008

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